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The SimpSounds
A Brand New Simpsons Website, Promoting Peace and Fertility through Mindless Humour!
The SimpSounds

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If you have come here to view this page, you are either:

     (a) A Lawyer working for Fox; or
     (b) An extremely bored individual.

Either way, let me set the record straight here. In no way, shape or form, is this page about, nor does it have anything to do with, the Simpsons. This page is devoted to the wonders of floral arrangements, and sometimes talks about how cute Alicia Silverstone is. Every now and then, hackers break into the page, and put up Simpsons stuff. This is extremely vexing, and I wish they would cut it out. But then again, hackers are evil, evil people, and do nasty things to normal, law-abiding, non-copyright-infringing citizens like myself.

Of course, on an entirely unrelated topic, if Fox realized that fan pages dedicated to their TV shows actually increased the public interest in those shows, and in no way make money for the webmasters, maybe they'd pull the carrots out of their nether-regions and stop bugging people so much.

The previous paragraph was put there by hackers. I disavow any knowledge of that paragraph. I'm not even writing this paragraph, in which I disavow knowledge of the previous paragraph.

I really hope I haven't annoyed any hackers.


Legal Disclaimer: I make no claim to any Copyrighted materials found on this page. If you find copyrighted material here, I don't know how it got there. Probably hackers put them there. This page is not about the Copyrighted television show "The Simpsons", owned by Fox. It is about making lovely floral arrangements. If you find Simpsons information here, again, I blame evil, evil hackers.